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Sparky Shipping and Administration I’d say my job at NVM Pet is furry (I mean very) important. I ensure that your NVM pet bed makes it to the front door of your dog house on time and in perfect condition! I also have the pleasure of working with the rest of the NVM Pet team to keep everyone happy and healthy!


Gunner Senior Product Manager (Occasional Product Model) At NVM Pet, I help develop new and exciting products your pet will love. You see–me and your pet–we speak the same language. We’re always working to develop new types of comfort technology while also keeping the materials we use safe, chemical free, and sustainable.


Teddy Creative Director I have the creative paws around here. As Creative Director at NVM Pet, I design the packaging for our pet products and coordinate product photo shoots–sometimes I even get to sneak into a shot or two! Look how fetching I look in that shot. Oh, and if you ask some of my co-workers, they might say I’m social media famous!


Bleu Director of Product Development My 4 paws and I are responsible for designing pet beds for NVM Pet. From the home décor friendly outer fabric and the soft plush sleep surface to the supportive foam that goes inside the bed, I know how important every detail is to you and your pet, so it’s always my priority!


Sammy CEO I am the spokesperson–er spokespuppy–for NVM Pet. I love spreading the word throughout the pet world about how great our pet products are. It’s your dog’s top priority to protect your family from squirrels, shadows and the UPS man–it is my job to give them a comfortable place to lay their head at night.

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