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to Help the Pet Community

Fueled by our love and passion for pets, we find any opportunity to lend a helping hand in the pet community. It is unfortunate, but not all animals are treated with the kind of respect and decency they deserve. Despite being against the law, issues of animal abuse and neglect still occur regularly. It is up to us to do something about it.

We can all do our part to ensure every animal lives a happy, healthy, and safe life. Whether it’s helping a pet find a caring family and home or donating to an organization that rescues pets from unfit homes, it is up to us to stand up for our furry friends.

Every pet deserves the benefits of a NVM Pet bed.

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Below are a few of the organizations we are proud to work with.

American Pet Products Association Logo

NVM Pet is a member of APPA (American Pet Products Association). We support their mission of promoting responsible pet care and advance the pet products industry for your pets.

Since 1958, APPA has been a leading trade association in the pet industry with more than 1,200 pet product manufacturers, their representatives, importers and livestock suppliers. Our membership consists of a diverse group representing both large corporations and growing business enterprises worldwide.

APPA has worked to grow and support the industry in many ways beyond the direct services. They have played a vital role in driving and developing significant programs designed to strengthen the industry, increase pet ownership, and build awareness of the joys and health benefits of pet ownership.

South Charlotte Dog Rescue Logo

The South Charlotte Animal Rescue is a local group we partner with and make quarterly donations to. Our pet beds are given to foster parents and to new owners when they rescue a dog. They provide a sense of comfort for the dogs in an otherwise new and uncomfortable situation.

Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando Logo

Every year, we partner with the Orlando Pet Alliance and attend the Global Pet Expo. The expo serves as the largest gathering of pet product manufacturers in the world.

We host a booth at the expo with a group of puppies who are up for adoption by the Orlando Pet Alliance. We then donate all the pet beds used at our booth to the Orlando shelter.

All 15 puppies we hosted at our booth over the last 2 years have been adopted into loving homes. It's a great feeling when you help a pet find a home and a family find a pet!

Humane Society of Charlotte Logo

As members of the Charlotte community, we partner regularly with local rescue groups including the Humane Society of Charlotte.

We provide pet beds for foster animals, animals waiting to be adopted, and to be sold in the organization's store for fundraising. We admire how the organization inspires locals to adopt and foster animals and facilitates community involvement.

We’ve seen how far our helping paws have gone in the pet community thus far and look forward to continuing our involvement. The NVM Pet team values community engagement and makes participating in quarterly volunteer programs a top priority.

This comes back to our belief that all pets deserve the very best from a safe and loving home to a soft, comfortable, and supportive pet bed.

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