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A Dog and A Bed: The Heartwarming Story of Three Foster Dogs and A Serta® Pet Bed

Just like us, dogs love their beds. It’s where they go to snuggle and rest after a long day of playing. Puppies will play with it, dogs will relax in it and senior pets will use it to catch up on their (many) daily snoozes.   While we can all agree that our pets deserve a comfortable place to lay their heads at night, how many of us actually know

5 Reasons A Pet Bed is the Gift That Keeps On Giving

A birthday, the holidays, “gotcha day”, anniversaries, or even” just because”–there are many occasions throughout the year where you might find yourself looking for a gift idea for your pet.   Sure, new toys, matching collar and leash sets, and bags of treats, make for great owner to pet gifts. But have you considered gifting your pet a new orthopedic pet bed–the gift that keeps on giving?   Below we’ve

7 Essentials Every Pet Needs At Home

Toys, Treats, a Serta® Pet Bed and More: 7 Essentials Every Pet Home Needs. So you’ve finally decided to add a pet to the family—congratulations! You now have a four-legged companion for life. Pets fulfill our lives in ways that are truly unimaginable. However, adding a dog or cat to the mix is a big decision, so make sure you’re ready to support your pet and all of its needs!

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