A Dog and A Bed: The Heartwarming Story of Three Foster Dogs and A Serta® Pet Bed

A Dog and A Bed: The Heartwarming Story of Three Foster Dogs and A Serta® Pet Bed

Author: Annie Spence


Just like us, dogs love their beds. It’s where they go to snuggle and rest after a long day of playing. Puppies will play with it, dogs will relax in it and senior pets will use it to catch up on their (many) daily snoozes.


While we can all agree that our pets deserve a comfortable place to lay their heads at night, how many of us actually know just how important a bed with comfort and support is to our pets’ overall quality of life?


When dog foster mom, Brenda, reached out to us at NVM Pet with a story about her dogs Maxie, Kelly and Rudy–we knew we had to share it.  

The True Story Of Foster Dogs And Their Serta® Pet Bed

Throughout her touching story–Brenda opens up about the huge difference our Serta® Cuddler made for her fur babies. Through a “foster fail”, battles with arthritis and a special needs dog, Brenda saw clearly just how critical a comfortable, supportive memory foam bed can be to a dog’s health and well being.  

The Dog That Started It All

“The first time I ever fostered was in May 2009 at the suggestion of my mom. My family has had dogs as long as I can remember, but my early twenties found me living with a boyfriend and no pets.”


“I kept ‘borrowing’ my family’s dogs to stay with me; probably because I was feeling the absence. My mom was annoyed I kept taking her dogs, but my then-boyfriend wasn’t ready for us to adopt our own.”


“My mom suggested fostering, which I had never heard of before then. After some research, I found a local dachshund rescue and took in a scared, abused, starved, skinny, six-year-old boy named Maxie. He had bitten a few people (due to fear) and was having difficulty being placed, now in danger of being put down. He ended up a foster fail—after about a month of fostering, I officially adopted him and became his forever mom.”

Kelly’s Struggles With Arthritis  

“Later on down the road, Maxie ended up passing. Not too long after our dog Kelly, a fifteen-year-old mixed breed who had been with us since she was a puppy, started declining. She had arthritis in her legs that was getting worse, and I noticed her struggling with typical dog beds. She would try to get up and have trouble getting her legs stable; they would just sink into the beds and wobble.”


“I realized she needed a more supportive bed, and started looking up orthopedic dog beds. I didn’t even know if those were a thing! Luckily, they are.”

The Serta® Pet Bed That Made The Difference

“I finally found the Serta® Cuddler in her size, and while I was hesitant at first because of the price, I bought it anyway.”


“There was an immediate improvement in Kelly’s comfort. The memory foam made it much easier for her to stand up and stabilize herself; she no longer struggled to move sleeping positions or stand up.”


“The ‘walls’ on the side [of the bed] also served as pillows for her head, and her increased level of ease and comfort made me wish I had gotten the bed months earlier! She loved it so much and wouldn’t let our other dogs near it. Kelly passed just a month ago, age sixteen-and-a-half, and while it was devastating, she spent her last days laid up in comfort in her favorite bed.”

Adding Rudy To The Mix

“Because I had just lost one dog and was busy with my special needs senior, I wasn’t exactly ready to take on a new forever dog. But I wanted to honor Maxie, so I signed up with a local dog rescue to start fostering again. I work from home most of the time, so I also felt like, ‘how could I not help dogs in need while I currently have both the time and ideal situation?’”


“Our current foster dog, and the one who has been here the longest, is a seven-year-old chihuahua mix named Rudy. Rudy was in the shelter for two months unseen in the medical ward before [being] rescued, due to a mass on his shoulder. The mass has since been removed, and he has recovered from surgery comfortably.”


“He’s a special needs foster, as he suffers from rheumatoid arthritis and bad knees, and sometimes drags himself to walk when his back legs are too painful to use. As I’m already experienced with arthritic dogs, taking him in was a no-brainer.”

Rudy And His Favorite Serta® Pet Bed

“Rudy is the sweetest dog, and he’s on daily pain medication to help ease his discomfort. While Kelly’s former Serta® Cuddler bed is a little big for him, he actually took it upon himself to take over the bed. Again, the shape and memory foam helped him both recover comfortably from surgery and helps make his life with arthritis a little easier. He likes to lay in the bed outside, just laying low in the sunlight.”


See what we mean? One pet bed not only makes a difference in the life of your dog, but in your life, too. Any dog can benefit from the comfort of a Serta® memory foam bed, but the support it gives can be life-changing for all the senior and special needs pets out there. Plus, your pet’s bed will hold memories that will last a lifetime—just like Kelly and Rudy’s bed does.


We are so thankful Brenda chose our Serta® pet beds for her dogs. Thanks to the support of our Serta® Cuddler, Kelly was able to finally relax her joints, and Rudy could peacefully recover!


We want your pets to have an experience like Kelly and Rudy. If you’re ready to choose the perfect bed for your pet, check out our Pet Bed Selector to find the best fit.


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Interested in Adopting Rudy or a pet of your own? Rudy is currently available for adoption through Dogs Without Borders in Los Angeles–find his page here. Let’s find Rudy and his pals fur-ever homes!


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