5 Reasons A Pet Bed is the Gift That Keeps On Giving

5 Reasons A Pet Bed is the Gift That Keeps On Giving

Author: Annie Spence


A birthday, the holidays, “gotcha day”, anniversaries, or even” just because”–there are many occasions throughout the year where you might find yourself looking for a gift idea for your pet.


Sure, new toys, matching collar and leash sets, and bags of treats, make for great owner to pet gifts. But have you considered gifting your pet a new orthopedic pet bed–the gift that keeps on giving?


Below we’ve listed the five reasons an orthopedic pet bed is the gift that continues to give all year long.

1. Dogs need sleep and rest, just like us!

Gifting your dog an orthopedic pet bed will ensure that he or she enjoys their downtime to the fullest extent every day!


You know your dog can sleep. In fact, the average dog sleeps anywhere from 12 to 14 hours a day depending on their age, breed, and activity level!


If your dog has adjusted to your human-like sleep patterns, as most eventually do, they’re likely getting eight hours of sleep at night and then napping for another four to six hours during the day.


If you do the math, your dog probably spends more than 50% of their day asleep. Even more, 30% of a typical dog’s day is spent awake but inactive and only 20% is spent awake and active.


So all-in-all, your dog is spending far more time asleep than you, and let’s face it, you’re lucky to even get eight hours of sleep at night.


Unlike us, dogs don’t get all the sleep they need in one session.


While we spend about 25% of our sleep in REM, or the deep sleep stage, dogs spend only about 10% in REM. Because dogs reach REM less and generally experience a more interrupted sleep, a series of short naps throughout the day is necessary for dogs to get an adequate amount of rest.

2. It’s likely time for a replacement.

It’s recommended that you replace your dog’s bed once a year, if not more. Invest in your pet’s quality of life and sleep the next time you’re celebrating a special occasion.


Over time, your pet bed will experience its fair share of wear and tear. While a normal amount of wear and tear is to be expected, know that certain characteristics of your dog can cause their bed to wear more than another’s:

  • Dogs who use their beds more frequently
  • Large sized dogs
  • Dogs who dig into or trample their beds before laying down
  • Dogs who drag or carry their beds around
  • Dogs who use their beds outside, exposing them to harsh elements


If you have one of these types of dogs, know that while it may cost more on your part initially, a high-quality bed will last longer and look nicer!


Take a look at your dog’s bed. Is it looking a little worn and ragged? Is it hairier than your actual dog? Has your pet outgrown it? It may be time to replace it.   


Know that initially, your dog may not be as thrilled with the gift as you had hoped. Dogs tend to prefer things with a familiar feel and scent. Try incorporating something old with the new like a toy or piece of the old bedding.

3. Baby, it’s cold outside (and beds are warm)!

Give your pet a comfortable and safe dog bed to cuddle up on!


Years ago, dogs sought out warmth and comfort in snug dens and cozy caves. Similarly, dogs today find warmth and comfort in their dog beds.


This is especially true in the cooler months (or months where we have the A.C. on) as dog beds help to keep our companions off the cold, drafty floors of our homes.


A new bed is a great little gift of warmth that keeps on giving as your pet curls up each night.

4. Your fur-baby is a strong, independent pet who needs a bed!

Your pet needs a place to call their own. A secure place to catch some zzz’s. A retreat from the everyday stresses of being your fun-loving, playful pal.


Just as we like to have a place to call our own, so do our pets! A pet bed gives your dog a “just-for-me” place in your home where they can retreat to whenever they feel like it.


One study found that 45% of dogs sleep with their owners each night! While some may argue there are benefits to this, a Mayo Clinic study found that a large number of pet owners who suffer from sleep problems have their pets sleep in their bed every night.


Now we’re not saying you have to completely give up your one-on-one cuddle time, but we do think investing in a pet bed will help to keep your dog from getting too accustomed to sharing yours every night.

5. Playing is exhausting–support their athletic (and not-so-athletic) joints and muscles.

Dog beds provide our furry friends with a soft and supportive place to lay their heads after a long day of playing.


As humans, where we lay our heads (and bodies) each night has a direct impact on not only our overall health and well-being but the way we feel when we get out of bed and move around. The same can be said for our furry best friends.


A soft and supportive place to lay is essential for all dogs, but especially important for dogs who are older, have arthritic problems, are overweight, or are recovering from surgery.


Most ortho dog beds are designed specifically for these types of dogs who need extra joint support and comfort.


Serta–the top mattress manufacturer in the U.S. has a line of super supportive pet beds.


A pet bed can prevent your dog from lying on the hard floor which can aggravate joint problems and cause calluses or sores over bony protrusions (like the elbow).


The pets in your life will continue to give you endless love and companionship. Isn’t that reason enough to get them a pet bed they can enjoy for months to come?


Convinced? Now’s the hard part. Choosing which bed...


Once you’ve decided a new bed is the right gift for the pet in your life, finding the right bed will be your next challenge.


Dogs, just like their owners, have different needs when it comes to a comfortable place to sleep. The most obvious thing to take into consideration is getting the right size, but you also should factor in health issues, style, and sleep preferences.


We make selecting the pur-fect bed for your pet easy. Our Pet Bed Selector is designed to help you narrow in on the type of bed that is best for your pet.


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